About Us


Empowering Farmers for a better future

Krysta Crop Solutions Pvt Ltd was born with a vision of creating a farmer-centric company in 2017. Krysta Crop is the brainchild of Mr Sandeep Boya, with experience of 16 years in Agri Input and being an agriculture graduate (Bsc. Ag) and a post-graduate in marketing propelled him to start Krysta Crop to provide the farmers with good quality products at the right prices.

Krysta Crop’s vision is to produce products and services that touch all agribusiness’s business aspects. We, as a company, follow the systems that are internationally certified.

Our Mission

Promoting sustainable farming

Our Vision

Creating credibility in the farming community by producing quality products at the right price.


Our Values


Continuous research on product development


On par with Industry


Reasonable pricing for the quality


In Stock always and well distributed

Building a better future